Importance Of Leadership Skills Of Samsung

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Samsung prides itself on having a workplace that is creative, innovative and empowering, as well as ethical and safe. The workplace environment is monitored by a compliance team. Their responsibilities include conducting preliminary reviews, on-site inspections and post-audit management. They also certify that all members are following the code of conduct. In short, they assess the workplace for safety concerns and make sure that all members are acting honestly and ethically (People 45-58).
Samsung’s employees have significantly contributed to Samsung’s success because Samsung has focused their goals and policies to encompass the employees. Samsung is for their employees in more ways than just a paycheck. They focus on all aspects of the employees
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There are three major skills that Samsung managers most possess to be effective: diversification, culture training and maintain, and innovation and team development.
The first skill is important to Samsung’s success. According to the book, The Samsung Way, Chairman Lee Kun-hee believes that multifaceted integration is very important to the overall success of Samsung (Lee 66). As heavy believers in horizontal and vertical diversification, Samsung’s managers have aided in keeping the company competitive by leading efforts in their infrastructure, technologies, facilities, and creating their own supply chains. Different departments work together and share ideas in order to benefit the greater good.
The second skill, culture training, helps to maintain “The Samsung Way” of doing things and ensuring the satisfaction of their employees. They start with a very competitive entry-level recruitment process. Chairman Lee’s instructions were to recruit individuals were who not only highly intelligent, but capable to earn more money than CEOs. Recruits need to have a high skill in pursuing future insights rather than focusing on what has always worked. Once hired, new employees undergo an intense training program to bring them up to speed on the culture of Samsung (Song & Lee, 148). Managers are expected to keep their employees
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Samsung has established a great foundation in the way the company is run. They have a written code of conduct so there is no misinterpretation on how employees are supposed to act on a daily basis. They invest a fairly large amount of resources in training their employees. The managers give formal performance feedback to their employees so they know how well they are performing. The company employs workers from all over the world, so they have a majority of cultures represented within the workforce. All of these processes are extremely helpful in managing a company

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