Essay on How Will Your Time Abroad Impact Your Life?

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How will your time abroad impact you? What will you bring back to CCSU to impact others in the campus community?
Studying abroad comes with numerous benefits and values that have the potential to change a person’s life. My time abroad will impact my life because it will not only broaden my perspective on America but on my life as well. Everyone knows that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, however many Americans do not understand the privilege of this statement. When studying abroad, especially in third world countries, lets people recognize that life in America is absolutely different in another place.
In addition, my time abroad will not only benefit me, but other students that cross my path. As a resident assistant applicant, I will make it a goal of mine to spread the word about studying abroad. One of my first priorities to inspire others to study abroad is to host a mini study abroad fair in my resident hall to inform others about all the studying abroad opportunities offered by CCSU. Not only that, but I will use my personal experience studying abroad to inspire others that have fears and uncertainties they have about studying abroad. For example, how to budget your trip and the importance of planning ahead. Even though it may seem expensive and unrealistic to study abroad, anything is possible if you plan it right.
I would highly benefit from receiving this scholarship because not only is college academically challenging, it is financially…

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