Why Should I Be A Homecoming Queen

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Why should I be selected as Homecoming Queen? It is funny that you asked. This is a question that I have asked myself since freshman year when I saw my first UNCG Homecoming. How elegant, graceful and astute she appeared. Quite frankly, I could say I should be selected because I want it endearingly, but then again, whom would apply if not because she wanted it, craved it, desired it so lovingly? In the end, I believe I should be selected because I embody everything essence of what the Woman’s College was and what UNCG stands for today. I, Britney Jacobs, am the underdog in many ways and therefore no different than much of the world’s population. Nevertheless, I have strived to be, if not the best, MY best. This young lady you saw before you in the photos has withstood the tests and perils and obstacles to become a College Student. Mile for mile I have stomped on the statistics as a young …show more content…
Tear for tear I have overcome the seemingly hopeless boughs of depression after experiencing years of sexual assault, abuse, and bulling. Word for word I am the voice of every UNCG student who could not fight alone and I have not fought alone as I have had countless friends and faculty stand by my side to show me my worth and help me rise to my potential. The very first day I came to visit UNCG I knew that I was home and that the students here would be my family. Like any family you want to cultivate it and care for those around you. Out of my love of learning I joined the Lloyd International Honors College, jumped a year of college through thorough studying to become a sophomore in my first year, then I volunteered with the Greensboro

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