How Will Your Time Abroad Impact You Essay

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How will your time abroad impact you? What will you bring back to CCSU to impact others in the campus community?
Studying abroad comes with numerous benefits and values that have the potential to change a person’s life. My time abroad will impact my life because it will not only broaden my perspective on America but on my life as well. Everyone knows that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, however many Americans do not understand the privilege of this statement. When studying abroad, especially in third world countries, lets people recognize that life in America is absolutely different in another place.
In addition, my time abroad will not only benefit me, but other students that cross my path. As a resident assistant
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The growth I have experienced being a commuter has transformed me tremendously. When I attended CCSU in the fall of 2013, I was a struggling freshman trying to wrap my head around the transition from high school to college. On the other hand, being a resident student my freshman year, I utilized every resource on campus such as professors, the tutoring center, the writing center and the center for career and advising.
Unfortunately, because I could not financially continue to live on campus. As a result, I had to commute. On the other hand, all the knowledge and resources I used while living on campus helped me strengthen my time management skills, improve my studying habits and develop strong professional relationships with my professors. Being a commuter requires excellent time management skills, organizational skills and the ability to be flexible. Even with these obligations, I have raised my 2.3 G.P.A to a 3.0 while juggling other tasks, for example working a part-time and seasonal jobs. In addition to, being involved in clubs and organizations. This shows that even though a student may not live on campus they still can be

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