The Power Of Police Brutality

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In the United State over the last 3 years, police brutality happens more and more frequently. Are they abuse their power or are they just simply do their job? To have a better understanding about this issue, first we need to know what is police brutality? Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. As of now, polices seem to use more unnecessary violence forces toward the citizens especially with the minority groups. In the past years, numbers of police shooting and killing toward citizens have dramatically increased. A 16 years old kid got shot 16 times on Chicago street, a young child got shot and killed in the park because a police officer thought he had a gun or on …show more content…
attorney general for the Eastern District, police said.” (Huffington Post, 2016). This is unfair and also injustice. To stay away from the attention, the NYPD said that they to in a new training class so events like this won’t happen again in the future. But, does this going to work? A lot of people have their doubt because they said Eric case is more so a police brutality of the police wants to abuse their power. So even if they go through a ton of classes, that won’t change anything until the court and the police department start taking real disciplinary actions.
After all of these incidents, people are demanding a change in the police system. They want the government to come up with a solution to stop the brutality. There are many hypotheses of how to fix the problems, but only a few that could actually work or at least decrease “police brutality”. Like for example, prosecute police officers the same as criminals when they break the law (hold police accountable for their actions),
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Citizens, especially the minorities, most of them now associate police as an oppressor, who does not care about their rights. They think that polices are targeting them because of discrimination and racism. Police brutality won’t stop unless our system starts to take real actions and prosecute police officers as same as criminal when they break the law. If they keep cover for each other then this issue will never be

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