Becoming A Filmmaker

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Becoming a Filmmaker Many young students have the right to pursue the career they choose. America has all types of promising careers for these young students. As times change, careers start to change as well. Filmmaking has been a growing industry that is promising for students. Filmmaking is a career filled with tests and difficult requirements, but it as a career worth pursuing
The education a filmmaker will need is a bachelor 's in a field related to film. It can be film theory or something like film history.. A degree in a specific editing software can also make a filmmaker popout (Bureau 1). A degree is heavily recommended by many but some famous filmmakers have made it without one. Degree or not, a very good knowledge of basic film
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They must do tasks ranging from organizing digital footage to selecting the appropriate equipment for a project. The organization of digital footage is done through an editing software. (Bureau 1) Different of type of projects are worked on by filmmakers. Some of the more popular types are YouTube videos, TV shows, movies, music videos for artists, and video logs. An up and coming filmmaker has a chance to choose the platform to establish a career in. Many filmmakers go into motion pictures but the rapid growth of users on YouTube makes it an appealing platform as well. Filmmakers deal with cameras and recording footage but most of the work is done in editing software. Shots need to be put together in a smooth sequence to deliver the vision in mind. Filmmakers must search for trends or ideas that are relevant at the time. With that information, they must arrange interesting stories that audiences will enjoy. “Filmmakers have to find something an audience is interested in, then share it with them in a way that they’re also interested in” (Neistat 1). James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, the list can go on. The filmmakers previously mentioned are some of the best in the industry. They have mastered storytelling and their films live on as the greatest ever. A promising filmmaker may want to learn how to become self-employed ( “How to Become a Filmmaker” …show more content…
Not every successful filmmaker started with amazing equipment. It doesn 't matter how much expensive equipment one can get. The most successful start is using a modern smartphone and use an app to edit on there (Barrance 1). The main equipment one must learn how to use are, cameras, microphones, and editing software. Cameras get expensive but buying the one that has the best value is the trick. At a point, a six-thousand-dollar camera can do the same as a six-hundred-dollar camera. Casey Neistat mentions that money isn 't everything in filmmaking when he states, “If all it took to be good was to have the right equipment, the people who had the most money would always win (1).” He then proceeds to provide proof with the film Tarnation. A film with many awards, it was made with a simple camera and a free editing software. It made over a million in the box office and is still considered great today. Once a filmmaker starts making steady money other equipment is recommended. Cameras have many accessories that will deliver different shots and angles to a scene. All the equipment is used to serve one purpose; it serves the story. Neistat expresses this by saying, “Story is king, everything serves the king (1).” Many companies have started to provide digital equipment. For example, Adobe has different types of editing software used for different projects. They even offer classes so that new users

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