Reflection: My Best Writer

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I don’t consider to be the best writer in the world, neither to be the worst writer in the world. I have come about many strategies, learning process, and more techniques to become what is called a “better writer”. As a writer I can say that I love my paper to stand out and to make the reader say, “Wow!” because what’s the point of writing a paper or story that is boring and makes the reader fall asleep. As a writer in this course I believed that I have improved tremendously and I have dedicated an enormous amount of time to the writing process throughout this semester compared to my previous years of writing. Writing for me is not easy, but I have adapted to some techniques that has helped me with my writing. I use a layout before I write in order to gather my ideas before I begin to write, I start writing my introduction and conclusion before I complete the body of my essay, and I read over my …show more content…
It is hard for me when I have to write about something I am not interested or can relate to at all. This was a harder semester compared to my first because we had to read and focus on analytical writing on readings which was quite more difficult to understand and interpret. I rather write about things I love to do, or something that actually has made sense to me because it will reduce the amount of stress and help me get over the assignment quicker. My main goal in writing is to become an expert like Professor Shil, well at least somewhat close to him. He has great writing techniques and can detect many errors that you have in your paper which is something I would like to improve when it comes to my writing, Lastly, rewriting these essays, multiple times in this class made me excel great knowledge in my writing and I think I will be more prepared for my future career path. I will continue to try harder each and every day to improve my academics and my ability to become a better

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