How The Worst Moments Of Our Lives Make Us Who We Are Essay

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I came across a video named “How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are,” by Andrew Soloman. Watching this video made me think about my five moments in life and how they impacted my life and made me who I am today. Also struggling with these 5 moments and how I almost let my life slip away before my eyes. It was October 5th, 2008, a date that had changed my life forever. I was 11 years old and just beginning the 6th grade at Emerson Elementary School. On October 5th I was submitted into the ER early that morning. Later that evening they took me out of the emergency room and brought me up to the intensive care unit (ICU). That evening, I was diagnosed with a disease called Juvenile Type One Diabetes. I had no idea what a disease was or even what diabetes was. Therefore, I had to learn about diabetes and the procedures I would have to carry day in and day out to take care of my own health. After being released from the hospital 5 days later I had a hard time balancing what activities I did, what I ate, and even struggling with going back to school and making friends. After a rough year of figuring my disease, I shortly began attending East Middle School and Butte High School. Attending these two schools broke my mental stability down. Both schools had a greater amount of students than what I was used to. Therefore, I started getting bullied, not only by students but also by a couple of teachers. Then my home life came into aspect and I struggled from my 7th grade…

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