How The Course Is Completely Different With Academic English Essay

1380 Words Dec 12th, 2014 6 Pages
First of all, I want to say thank you all the work and effort that you have put into this course to teach and lecture me and other students how to write and interpret essays and stories. Throughout the entire 39A course, I also met new friends and a great professor who gave me advice to fix and add more details on my essay.
And now is my story when I were first time stepping into the class. I thought this course would be similar to what I have learned how to write in Academic English. The theme of the course is totally different with Academic English. Writing 39A is about imitating someone and using observation to write up an essay. Grammar and basic sentence structure are not covered in this class because Writing 39A is much more advancing, and it assumes us to know how to write basic essay such as a five-body paragraph. Over the past ten weeks, I have learned that in order to write a good narrative essay or a story that comes from my observation, I need to imitate other professional writers first because that helps me build my strength of writing. It helps my essay be smoother, clearer and more specific based on the transition from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph. To have a strong argument, I should think about words, either noun or adjective, that are fit with my topic and objects that I try to describe. Those words do no need to be difficult and hard to understand which make readers to look up in the dictionary; they should be simple, but have strong…

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