English Narrative Experience

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I had never been more scared coming into a college class. Horror stories about English 250 had filled my ears and consumed my brain. They would say, "professors never give a grade higher than a C." Or, "prepare yourself for failure." I wasn 't sure if I was ready for this stress, and contemplated waiting another semester just to put this class off. Not only did I decide to believe everyone, I also knew my English background wasn 't strong, so I mentally prepared myself for a horrendous semester. Somehow, luckily, I was completely mistaken. I couldn 't thank you enough for everything you have taught me this semester whether it be an English topic, a teaching style, or just how to be a good person. I am forever grateful for this. As I mentioned before, my writing background isn 't strong, but you made me feel as if it was. Along with this, you took the class at a great pace by starting to teach from the beginning, as if none of us had a strong background. I truly appreciated this. My biggest fear and challenge coming into English 250 was public speaking. I also think this is an area I have grown in. I found out at the beginning of the semester there would be two presentations, one for the visual rhetorical analysis, and one for the documented essay. I tried my best with the …show more content…
I wasn 't quite sure how to go about this because I thought the topic was too broad. When meeting with you, you gave me the idea to focus in on the differences in standardized testing around the world. I thought this was such a wonderful and interesting idea! I tried to go about it, but found myself stuck with the research. Unfortunately, I had to think over my topic again. I decided to look at reading about the advantages and disadvantages of standardized testing, and found that it directly effects educators, students, and parents. Because the research for this was more full, I took this route with my documented

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