Compare And Contrast The Thinker And Home

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Imagine coming to a home that was once filled with so much joy and warmth. What if one day all of this happiness vanishes? Whether it’s a loss in the family, or you are just getting older and you move on with life, how do you bear with the memories that are still left in this house?
Both The Thinker by Sherwood Anderson and Home is so Sad by Philip Larkin focuses on a sad home, but Anderson’s sad home is caused due to an actual death in the family, while Larkin’s sad home is described with imagery and past family memories. The Thinker is a short story of a boy named Seth Richmond, while Home is so Sad is a short poem which can be found on page 599 in our Literature book. Although a short story and short poem may differ in many ways, they both
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Seth is also very sad about losing his father, but he is a rebel who does not pour out his emotions to anyone. His mother Virginia is busy with the financial side of life, trying to be the very best mother she could be to Seth after the tragic death. With very little time spent with Seth, Virginia and Seth lack communication and interactions. With all the emotions this house was causing him, Seth believes is grown enough, and runs away from home at the age of 16. “Once when he was a boy of sixteen, Seth in company with two other boys, ran away from home. (Anderson 70).” With the limited texts that the readers are given, we sense the hidden message of being lonely, and coming home to his mother always being gone or doing house chores, this triggered Seth to not wanting to be home. The Thinker and Home are so Sad to have differences such as Seth being a teenager boy losing his father, while Larkin is an adult entering an old home. The Thinker is different from Larkin’s poem because the home becomes sad after a death in the family. Seth’s home was once filled with light and glory. It changed because of his father Clearance no longer being there. Because of the death, this causes a huge character development on Seth. Seth became rebellious and did not want to stay home. When Seth stayed home, there was no …show more content…
The story and the poem had differences on how the home made them sad when entering. Seth’s loss made him felt sad which effective his home staying, and Larkin’s poem was sad when revisiting an old home. The Thinker’s theme can be interrupted in many ways; however, the main reason that caused Seth to run away and not be home with his mother was that he was a sad boy who did not know how to cope with a loss. This theme was very important and it created a character for Seth. Larkin’s poem was easily understood because of the simple descriptive word choice. Overall, the story and poem shared a common theme with different

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