How Technology Has Changed Our Future Classroom Essay

1056 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
I am a senior in the College of Education at NC State, preparing to be a high school math teacher after graduation. In 1995, the internet opened up to the public (Schrag Funkhouser, 102) and since then, the internet has been on the rise. As time goes by, technology becomes more important to our work, play and education. Communication technologies like cell phones, computers, Kindles are needs for our new digital lifestyles. As a teacher candidate, we learn ways to incorporate these needs into our future classrooms. After learning about the evolution and impact of new communication technology, I am able to use the cons of technology, to describe the ineffective uses of it within the classroom, in order to effectively use it in my future classroom.

Since teachers are the medium to this need, “the use of technology in teaching makes no sense if it’s just because we think that technology is cool. We should figure out, instead, how the use of technologies can support our pedagogical goals” (Palfrey Gasser, 246). In this time of the digital natives, it is vital to know about the use of technology and resources for the classroom. However, it’s more important to know how to use the technology, to effectively teach your students. Technology is encouraged to be used in the classroom but there are cons to using it. Students can become distracted easily with the use of technology, it can make cheating easier, not all students have equal access to certain types of technology, and the…

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