How Technology Can Not Advance Student Learning Essay

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Pencils Verses Keys
Technology in the classroom does not advance student learning, because technological devices increase the amount of distractions, provide many more ways of inappropriate searching, enable people to be lazier, and do not enhance the methods of teaching. This is shown in many different ways.
What Technology do we use? In schools there are many types of technological devices and/or programs used. Some schools use ipads, tablets, chromebooks, laptops, and other devices to meet their technological needs. There are also many softwares available that include e-books, design software, video editing programs, and word processing programs. A school 's preferences and budget will determine the forms of technology they decide to use. My school for example has begun a gradual transition to chromebooks.
The Distractions That Come With When devices are brought into schools think about all the distractions that arrive with them. In 2012 according to William J. Oehlkers and Cindy DiDonato, “The iPads, iPhones, and other devices that allow immediate contact with everyone and anyone at all times have become a distraction in the classroom, supporting the notion that multitasking is a dubious way of getting an education.” William J. Oehlkers and Cindy DiDonato mention a very good point here. Giving teenagers access to a technological device provides many new temptations to become distracted. In 2015 PHD Jeffrey Kuznekoff and some assistances analyzed a study.…

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