The Dangers Of Cheating In School

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People everywhere enjoy the use of technology, it comes in handy when time gets tough. The “Internet has transitioned from a standard of being connected (and interacting) strictly though desktop computers in homes, offices and computer labs, to one that an ever increasing number of people take the Internet with them everywhere they go”(Boase). Technology plays many roles in the world and can be very helpful; however, the use of technology is a teen’s way of gaining access to sites that promote them with cheating in a classroom.
There are many different levels of cheating. Cheating can extend from children in a school to adults in the performance of their daily lives. The realms of cheating are diverse, visual, and academic cheating. But people would primarily consider that academic cheating is involved in a classroom. Academic cheating is composed of presenting someone else’s work as their own. Students feel tempted to cheat because they think it will be easier and more convenient way to get better grades. In a stressful environment like
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Cheating is more accessible and easier to cover up because of the extensive technology in today’s society. Schools should think of ways to stop the cheating in their classrooms. Middle Earth says that there are ways to fight the cheating outbreak. Some successful ways are to “set up an Internet firewall, so students can’t exchange e-mail and instant messages that might contain exam questions or answers…Require students to submit their papers to websites like…Create a school honor code that clearly spells out ethical behavior and defines academic misconduct. Establish specific penalties for those who plagiarize or cheat on exams, or those who fail to report classmates who do” (Middle

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