How Teams Can Improve Organizational Productivity Essay

1065 Words Feb 11th, 2016 null Page
• As companies proceed through the 21st century, global challenges will require continuous improvements in efficiency. Discuss two ways in which teams can improve organizational productivity. Do not forget to discuss your professional/personal experiences not only in your response to this question but to all questions.

The first way a team can become more productive is by being efficient in time management. Teams shows a mixed track record regarding team performance due to multiple tasks requiring responsible for designing and bringing new products and services to market, (Maruping, Venkatesh, Thatcher, & Patel, 2015). For example, when I worked for an organization that was always changing their guidelines to receive customer service over the phone. An email was sent to the supervisor’s team, with a time deadline that the supervisor had to sign off their team to inform them of the new changes. For simple changes, the time deadline was an hour, for more complex changes time deadlines could be up to two hours.
The supervisor would have to disconnect everyone from the phones, and go over the new changes. A manager that did not cover the information in a timely manner would find a follow up email sent to them by their manager. The email tend to start with the following: you did not meet the time deadline that was given to address with your team the required changes. A manager who missed too many time deadlines would be coached. A team that missed the follow up…

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