Case Study: What Google Learned From Its Quest To Build The Perfect Team

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The case study ‘What google learned from its Quest to build the Perfect Team’ is about employees/team members are there experiences and growth within googles corporate structure. Many researches today are studying everything from team composition to email patterns in order to find what makes an individual productivity as well as how to make employees into faster, better and more productive versions of themselves and ultimately within teams. Because as (Kayser 2011) states that 'A diverse group of people…can do a better job in today 's world…than any set of formal procedures, or controls administered by a centralized management. Google created project Aristotle to find out what is the common attributes within successful teams The conclusion …show more content…
His job is to oversee teams of engineers, who respond when the company’s websites or servers go down. As a manager at Google matt primary function is to contribute ‘by communicating strategy, helping employees prioritize projects, facilitating collaborations and ensuring that processes and systems align with company goals’ (Harvard Business Review 2013). Although these functions are very specific to google their underlying message is similar to the four management functions are proposed by 20th century industrialist Henri Fayol. The four functions as first proposed by Fayol are planning, organising, leading and controlling, according to Fayol these principles should guide the execution of these management processes (Journal of management History 2000). Matt has been performing these functions to the greatest of his abilities has he’s been ‘thriving at google’ (Case Study). However, Matt occurred some problems when a team he was overseeing weren’t performing efficiently and the culture within the team was not optimal. To overcome this issue Matt approached researches at project Aristotle. Matt was concerned because he wanted everyone to be fulfilled by their work however this wasn’t the …show more content…
To achieve this the members of the group would have to all sit down and talk about the expectations and standards of which would occur when they are studying. By having groups norms, the arguing and conflict would dissipate because the expectations set by. However, the group norms will only beneficial if they are enforced, this is where the role of a defined leader is appropriate. The second solution, is for the group to nominate a leader. Someone who can give the group direction and keep them on track. This group biggest problem was that they did not have a leader without one they were individual with a semi goal. The leader creates the goal and help enforcing it, along with the group norms

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