Essay about How Social Networking Has Caused Today 's World

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Social Activism A historian named Robert Darnton once said, “The marvels of communication technology in the present have produced a false consciousness about the past—even a sense that communication has no history, or had nothing of importance to consider before the days of television and the Internet” (Gladwell). This quote does an excellent job of showing what social networking sites have ultimately caused in today’s world. In today’s day and age people are using the internet all the time for countless reasons. Using the internet as a source of advertisement attempting to reach the maximum amount of people in the most convenient and cost efficient way possible. With the advancing technologies available it requires people to learn the new technologies which will allow them to be the most efficient as possible. Making such ties with another individual requires face to face contact and is doing it on a social network the smartest idea possible? People believe that if they want to make a change in any situation, they believe that it should be put on a social networking site. Thinking that now a days people are connected online constantly, but are those that are connected the appropriate connections to their intended audience. On the internet it is very difficult to distinguish who is actually who. However, if a specific subject was posted on the internet it would receive a vast amount of interactions, thus reaching the maximum amount of people. When people are utilizing the…

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