How Smart Growth Affects The Environment And Human Health Essay

705 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 3 Pages
Are you young and want more opportunities? Well Millennials achieve a lot living in the city. The cities infrastructure brings a lot of befits to someone whom is trying to find them self. The population is so high you can find anything to keep you motivated and striving to be a better you. But there are three main reasons I recommend the city to anybody and that’s for the helping hand, people and conveniences.
First, in the city everything is in walking distance. What makes everything in the cities so convenient is the attempt at smart growth. Smart growth was brought around in the 1950’s. Smart growth brings communities together and helps the economy while effectively protecting the environment and human health. The government also does projects that would help with the amount of pollution the world gets. The way that smart growth becomes so effective is by its ' ' ten principles developed in 1996 by the Smart Growth Network. The ten principles consist of: (1) Mixed land uses, (2) Taking advantage of compact building design, (3) Creating a range of housing opportunities and choices, (4) Creating Walkable Neighborhoods, (5) Attractive communities with a strong sense of place, (6) Preserving open space, farmland, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas, (7) Strengthen and direct development towards existing communities, (8) Provide a variety of transportation choices, (9) Make development decision predictable, fair and cost effective, and (10) Encouraging community…

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