Cgc 1d1 Culminating Performance Task

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CGC 1D1: Culminating Performance Task - Create Your Own City

When creating a city, there are two things to consider; liveability and sustainability. Liveability is the characteristics of a community that contribute to the quality of life of its population. Sustainability is the quality of human life that’s possible whilst also living within the carrying capacity (how far the ecosystem can support a population before being damaged) of the environment. Balancing liveability with sustainability can be a difficult task, especially when those who grant you power expect a better quality of life along a smaller ecological footprint. This is the purpose of the smart growth principles - principles that promote the urban planning and development theories that prevent urban sprawl - to enhance quality of life, to preserve the natural environment, and to
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In Lakton, the north-east would be considered a “younger community”. Both of the schools were located nearby to one another because typically, parents don’t prefer to move until their children have gone off to college. This area has a relatively higher residential density because when young people begin their own lives and look for places to live, they are less likely to look into buying detached homes over single- or double-bedroom residences like townhouses or apartments. As they save up and grow older, they will then look for houses with the white-picket fence where the grandchildren can come over and play on the tire swing. This is why the larger houses and detached homes are across town, away from the schools. On the other hand, some people choose to begin families later in life, when they have stable careers. These families are those who skip over the “apartment” step. As such, diverse housing opportunities were created because a community requires all levels of residential

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