How Many Can You Lose Essay

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How Many Can You Lose?
How many family members can you lose in 1 year? I assume the most common answer is none, but for me, I lost 5 major points in my life in 4 months. So far 2016 wasn’t my year. My beautiful Auntie Brenda was 71 years old; she was the matriarch of the family, she really took a toll on my life. I remember when we threw her a surprise birthday party because she just beat breast cancer. She don’t like surprises, and when we said surprise, she likely ran out. I’ll explain more lately, but the whole point is that I like to think that as long as you have memories of your loved ones, they are still here with you. What I learned was don’t take life or anyone for granted.
I’m going to start with the two people that dies first;
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You never know when your time is up and you never know if that’s the last time you see that person. Don’t assume that the person you love will be here forever because eventually everyone has to die. My mother said never to be mad at God and never question God so I need do what she says. She says one day you’re here and the next day you’re not so don’t ever take life for granted. It funny that one day you’re here and the next they putting you in a box, 6 feet under the ground, but God works in mysterious ways. I learned that life moves so fast that you don’t have enough time to enjoy everyone you love and that’s crazy. For a long time I thought God created love ones so they can die and you can hurt, but now I learned that he put people in your life so that you can learn a lesson or two. To be honest, sometime I don’t see the reason for living because I believe that all humans are spirits in a body. But, there is reason living, to show the world who you are and to make someone else life better because you decided to play a part in their …show more content…
I lost 5 family members, but only 1 really made an impact on me and that was My Auntie Brenda. She was always the one that calm everyone down and fix the problems we have with each other. She taught me that life was too short to be worried about one person and she was right. I know I’m going to miss her but as long as I have my memories she is never gone. It’s better if you just look at the pictures and to thank God for the time he let you have with that specific family member. I just want everyone to enjoy your love ones while you have them because one second they are here and the next second they are

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