How Long Should We Be A School For? Essay

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How long should we be in school for? There is only about 170 to 180 days of school depending on the student’s school. Students are expected to go home and enjoy their days off. Because of students’ poor GPA, the Board of Education believes that it is required for school days to be extended in order to give them a chance at succeeding in education. It is possible for students to do well in school without having to extend their days of school. Many of the students have plans for their summer vacation. They will have many learning experiences during their days off, and they need to take breaks due to their health. Students need to have the time to socialize with people and places. Students need their summer vacation so they can do well in the following school year.
“Summer always ends with good memories” – Mary Thompson . There are students, who attend summer camps their break. In camp programs, students learn about nature, how to hike, and how to make campfires. There are actives that the school cannot provide for their students. Many of the students like to travel to other countries to get a better learning experience. For example, students go to Paris and to learn about the country’s culture, lifestyle, food, and arts. Thus, students have a good time and are being educated during their time off. Some would like to join actives or voluntary program such as community service. But summer breaks are not always a break from education, it can be a learning experience for…

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