Essay about How I Changed Your Perspective On The Entire World

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There is always something that can change your perspective on the entire world. It changes how you look at yourself and how you look at other people. From going on a trip to moving to a new city there is always something that has changed your life significantly. The thing that has changed my life turns out to have four hooves and a heartbeat. His name is Dallas.
It all started when I decided I wanted to volunteer with horses. Something about the way horses move and the love in their eyes has always drawn me too them. So when the opportunity came up for me too volunteer with them I took it. I was content just giving them love and making them look like show horses, I had never imagined that one day I would have the opportunity to have my own. That was until the day that my dad had told me that I was allowed to start to look for one of my own.
The day that my parents split up was one of the burdensome things to ever happen in my life and it sent me into a depression. I was going into a downward spiral and there had been nothing that was helping me out of it, which was until I was able to get my horse Dallas.
It was a really early morning in the beginning of May, I had jumped into the car for a 5 hour drive to Wellborn, Florida in hopes of meeting my new horse. I was very anxious sitting in the car watching all the trees and cars that I was passing by. My dad was in the seat next to me and we had been talking but I couldn’t hide my excitement as I waited to see my new horse.…

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