How I Am A Writer Essay

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As a writer, I learned that I can write and produce well thought out writing pieces. I also learned that if I go through the proper steps, my writings get better and better and I write pieces I am proud of. In the past, I have always quickly wrote a paper and then thought I was done. I was usually not proud of my work and always thought I must not be a good writer. Through this class I have learned that there is a writing process and if I go through this process I can produce better papers and feel like a real writer.
I have changed as a writer because I now know there is a process to writing. Writing is not about quickly putting something down on paper and then being done. I now understand that as a writer, I need to slow down and go through each of the steps. I need to develop my writings and not expect them to be perfect on the first attempt. I understand that there are ways of making my writing better, if I take the time.
My perception of myself as a writer has changed because I now know that I am capable. I have never been very sure of my writing ability and I remember saying on the first night of our class that I didn’t think I was a good writer. However, I now believe that I can write anything. I have also found that I enjoy writing and going through all the steps because I know it will make my end product better. I now believe that I am a writer.
I learned a lot about the writing process through the different pieces I wrote during this class. The biggest thing I…

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