Essay about How Gender Has A Negative Impact On Our Society

763 Words Mar 4th, 2016 4 Pages
As we all know gender has a big role in our society. There’s a whole lot of problem when it comes down to gender, and it’s because most people in the world are not building this identity for their self but more as an social identity of how they expect to be perceived as. In a world where every individuals comes with their own conclusion it creates a lot of conflict between each other. Mostly because in a species that thrives on upgrading communities through our similarities. When we finally reach level of civilization stabilized in unbelievable or cruel world as a species. The concept of gender has really empowered social institutions and individuals with power the ability to restrict individuals behaviors based on a mental concept of one’s self or how others “should be.” For example with short story “How to talk to girls a parties” it shows the meaning of how male are attractive to the different gender.
Based on Neil Caiman short story, I came to the conclusion that he story is based on gender and how two different species is trying to interact with each other by observing or having sexual intercourse with each other. Both gender feels as though they are alien because they can’t come to the understanding that they each have different type of mindset. I feel as though the theme is gender because base on how the characters are evaluated each other while being at the party. When a male is invited to a female 's party, it’s like being transported to another planet because…

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