How Does Reading Influenced My Life

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When I was just a toddler, I remember having to sound out phrases, words, and sentences to develop my writing, reading and speech skills. My parents placed me in a private Christian school, Wesleyan Christian Academy, to assure that I was taught with the foundations and morals of Christianity. Wesleyan encouraged nightly readings for all the children to develop educated kids, and to expand our knowledge. Being a stubborn child, I only read the books I thought were interesting. This was not a good habit of mine from the beginning, but it was how I enjoyed reading. In particular, I remember Dr. Seuss and Junie B. Jones becoming my favorites. I’ll never forget the day I had to read out loud in class in 1st grade and I couldn’t pronounce a word and was laughed at. This set back my confidence in reading and speaking in front of the class. I was so embarrassed I went home that day and cried. I didn’t understand that everyone at our age was struggling to pronounce words and I was not alone.
Wesleyan was mostly middle class and upper class white or black people, which provided more opportunities to have tutors and access to the library all the time because money was not an issue there. We were offered library days every Thursday to pick out any book that we wanted to read, but
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I am lucky to have such caring friends that help me study, accomplish good grades, and make smart decisions throughout high school. I remember a certain time with my friend Madison I was struggling to learn my honors history material for our exam the next day. I was so upset and frustrated and felt like I couldn’t learn any of it. She stayed up until three in the morning quizzing me multiple time until I got every single answer right. I ended up getting a 96 on the exam and was extremely thrilled. I couldn’t thank Madison enough for being so patient with me and encouraging me to do well on my school

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