How Do The Most Successful Companies Use Social Media? Marketing Research

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Annotated Reference
Barnes, N. G. (2010). How do the most successful companies use social media? Marketing research, pp. 8-13.
Barnes’s long term research shows that social media is rapidly entering in US business world. It consists of three different aspects: corporation’s familiarity level with six types of social media: blogging, podcasting, online video, social networking, message boards and wikis; their usage of social media; and a corporations’ control of social media. According to Barnes’ study, US companies are well acquainted with social media tools and use them in their activities. That is also a reason why companies need to have a strategy to control and evaluate their social media tool in order to prevent negative effects. Even though social media is a hot trend, Barner warns that it may not be suitable for some companies and they should use it more carefully when resolving confliction. In conclusion, Barner confirms that social media still has a bright future in business corporation while more and more US companies enter the online media trend.
Barner’s research is a reliable resource for social media practice in US corporations. Barner is a marketing expert and leads a Marketing Research Center in University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. For this advantage, she has a profound knowledge on the subject. Her research covers many aspect of social media in companies practice: familiarity level, participating, purpose, controlling. It shows advantages and disadvantages…

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