Paige's Formal Operations Stage Of Cognitive Development

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The effect you’ve had on my cognitive growth has been a lot both for the good, and the bad. You taught me everything, you both did. Everyone thought I was going to fall behind, but we showed them and I was doing more than most babies my age except for the walking part. You guys made me so smart I almost failed out of kindergarten. I never had to study in high school either so I had to accommodate my schema for learning new things in college, which I assimilate with my college courses now, and semesters past. If it’s something new thought I had to accommodate and study my butt off for that passing grade, you helped a lot by the way so thank you. I’m in Paige’s Formal Operations stage of cognitive development. You always said I have CD because …show more content…
Your first weakness is that you were over sheltering. I didn’t learn much about cooking and different things from you, so now I have to teach myself. This makes it hard for me when I mess up because I can’t ask you anymore, and everyone else thinks I’m stupid and don’t know how. They also have a tendency to try and do it all for me and get in my way. Another weakness is that you couldn’t see that none of the people you called my friends were really my friends at all they just wanted to be social friends so they looked good. You kind of figured that out at the end though I guess, you knew I really needed friends it’s just hard to make them when everyone’s so fake and you’re the third wheel on everything, in this case the third wheel is excluded from everything there ever was, or she was forced into going with her old group who hates her so they can exclude her and make her miserable. Thanks for trying to help me make friends thought and the friends I do have that kind of care are either busy, or have a crush on me, still, you know who I’m talking about. Our last weakness would be one of my weakness too so I’ll help take blame for it. We never really got along a lot not even in the end I tried we were just too alike and we knew every button the other had. Everyone has their story on how their parent having cancer brought their parent child relationship close, well I’m not that person I was still my horrible self, maybe even worse, and I sorry I don’t think I ever really apologized for that. Everything’s been such a blur, and it’s so much more work without you I miss you so

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