Essay about How Children Succeed By Paul Tough

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What makes children succeed and why does it matter. I have been reading a book called how children succeed by Paul tough. In Paul there were many examples of how some children succeed the examples of how curiosity self-control and optimism can help children succeed in school and even in life. that he gave that stood out to me were self-control curiosity and optimism. I think that if children use all three of these characteristics they will succeed in life and in their education. self-control is a major part of child development, it is important because without self-control the child would can get out of hand and hard to handle and be rebellious which would lead to the child not paying attention in school and most likely to get failing grades. Children who can stand in line and wait their turn in a board game or wait till Christmas or their birth day to open presents are a examples sign of self-control this capability that they have can also contribute in their academic success. In tough’s book there had been numerous child experiments, one experiment that stood out to me was on child self-control. The results of the experiment said “children who had been able to wait for fifteen minutes for their treat had SAT scores two hundred ten points higher than those who had rung the bell after thirty seconds”In this experiment the children who were more self-controlled had gotten treats and due to their ability to control their self they had the ability so stay focused in school and…

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