How Children Less Fortunate Than I Am Born Into A Home Essay

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Throughout my early childhood I was always nurtured and cared for. My parents stood by my side at every hard point in my life to help shelter me and provide assistance to the troubles I faced. Looking back, the childhood dramas that I encountered were nothing to the ones I hear of on the news and in my daily life. I decided to research the impact that children less fortunate than I have on the households that volunteer to nurture and care for them. The early days of our lives have such a deep and lasting impact on our interests, relationships, and our future. Although I was lucky to be born into a home that initially provided all I needed, the foster children in the house of the Tobin family receive all the essential nurturing that was so lacked in the earlier days of Justin and Te’onna Bond’s lives. I integrated myself into their home for a day with the help of my friend Liam Tobin, to discover the dynamics that helped their house run and the differences and similarities between their home and my own. In order to fully understand the dynamic of their home, I discussed sitting in on their daily routine with Liam. I arrived at 10 in the morning and stayed until 7pm to see how their lives differed from my own. One of the first things that I noticed was how friendly and welcoming Jt and Te’onna were with me entering their home. They seemed very happy in the place where they were and comfortable. Initially, I was surprised at the welcome I received because of the stereotypes…

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