Wal-Mart: Leading Retail Company In The World

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House of Quality
Wal-Mart is one of the leading retail companies in the world. The management is quite confident about the services rendered to the clients. Quality is a term that is reviewed quite differently by the customers, and the management needs to understand the same. Customers prefer good value for the money they decide to spend with the company. Some of the quality aspects that concerns the clients or end users are mentioned below –
a. Durable product
b. Quality and cleanliness
c. Customer service
d. Reliable price
e. Better options
Service that is reliable is the main factor that really affects customers and enables big shopping stores like Wal-Mart to have a long term relationship with them. When customers have problems they
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This particular SPC checklist contains a lot of detail that is required for Wal-Mart product development as quality and great products produced by the company will easily attract potential customers. SPC is a statistical method of separating special-cause variation from natural variation to eliminate the special causes and to establish and maintain consistency in a process. In order for Wal-Mart to develop a quality product or products in the market it has to prepare market segmentation through which the mass preferences of the customers are attempted to be found. In this particular method, the quality of service and its impact on the business are found out clearly because of the process variable. For instance, customers who are from different countries such as China and India would have different likes of product that Wal-Mart sells then people from the US. Wal-Mart would have to do extensive research to be able to cater the needs of the people in these two countries. Once they get to understand their culture and their needs and wants they can then produce products that can be sold in the stores to cater to these particular customers in these regions. Wal-Mart can use the five rationales of SPC to help guide them to …show more content…
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