Hospitality House Case Study

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Hospitality house is a non-profit crisis intervention agency. It provides food, shelter, and support to families and individuals who face problems such as homelessness and poverty. They serve up to seven counties, Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga, Wilkes, and Yancey. During my first couple of days here, I got to understand more about Hospitality House from Jordan Duke’s help, the facilities manager of hospitality house. He took me on a tour and explained what Hospitality House was all about and what they do for the community. The main part of the facility that I found to be very important was the kitchen area. The kitchen provides three meals daily for anyone who comes in, no questions asked. There is also a pantry that visitors are able to use and can take a box of items from the pantry home with them. A “Cooking Matters” class takes place, where they teach people how to cook a meal under a certain amount of money. Since they are a non-profit organization, donations are more than welcome and shelter for people who are in need is always provided. Hospitality House also has a separate location for their emergency shelter that is on a weekly basis. It has two male dorms and two female dorms which can hold up to twenty-four residents and eight overflow beds. In addition to this program, they do transitional housing which is on a monthly basis and can hold up to twenty-nine residents, this includes the family rooms. Hospitality House takes pride in family housing and find that it is very important to keep the families together and help them move forward in finding a place to live on their own. Jordan continued to walk me around and informed me with further programs for their residents. For example, a computer room is set up so the people who are

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