Homosexuality And Gay Marriage

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Religion stands on both sides of the issue, forcing the church to reexamine their views on sexuality, marriage, and LGBT acceptance. Rivals of same-sex unions have claims that this restricts their religious freedoms. Religion has been the strongest adversaries of homosexuality and gay marriage. They quote the Bible and its deciphered understanding that sex can just happen between a man and woman in a committed marriage and that anything else is thought to be sin according to god. Individuals that support homosexual rights says that by denying gay people a right to marry is equivalent to withholding spiritual benefits from them.

Self Awareness: The Church says that they believe in the right of free speech, but it’s not reasonable
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religious associations remain solidly against same-sex marriage while some religious groups have chosen to allow and perform the gay ceremony. The Methodist Church does not permit same-sex unions at this time, but they have been endlessly debating the issue. The church had defrocked but later reinstated the Reverend Frank Schaefer, a Methodist pastor that performed a same-sex wedding service for his gay son. The case has divided the church with some clergy members saying that gay marriage is acceptable as the concept of marriage has not been written in stone since the time of Christ, what had started as a concept has evolved into a ritual. A few pastors are threatening to leave if the church changes their customary standard of forbidding gay marriage. Other denominations are gradually beginning to acknowledge the possibility of same-sex marriages because there is no conflict between their religious convictions and …show more content…
Many people are now beginning to ask questions about what the difference is between a civil and a religious marriage. A civil marriage meets the state’s necessary legal requirements and proclaims the union of a husband and wife in front of a legal authority and is recognized in the eyes of the law. A Christian marriage on the other hand celebrates the union before god. A Christian wedding says that the marriage is forever and will be celebrated according to the teachings of the Church. The Christians claim that if same-sex marriages are granted then this is a danger to the traditional meaning of family. Many religions view gays and lesbians as morally corrupt people because they go against the traditional beliefs about marriage. These religions view same-sex marriage as immoral and unethical because it is an infringement of the sanctity of marriage. The church additionally fears that gay marriage will influence society to accept same-sex relationships as moral. Advocates for same-sex marriages fight for the lawful right to marry to guarantee that all members of society can enjoy the full human rights that they are entitled to. Same-sex marriages should be allowed to have the same legal rights as heterosexuals when it comes to adoption and medical rights. If gay marriages are not legally acknowledged then couples could face the inability to have any medical

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