Gay Marriage And Religion Essay

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Religion stands on both sides of the issue, forcing the church to reexamine their views on sexuality, marriage, and LGBT acceptance. Rivals of same-sex unions have claims that this restricts their religious freedoms. Religion has been the strongest adversaries of homosexuality and gay marriage. They quote the Bible and its deciphered understanding that sex can just happen between a man and woman in a committed marriage and that anything else is thought to be sin according to god. Individuals that support homosexual rights says that by denying gay people a right to marry is equivalent to withholding spiritual benefits from them.

Self Awareness: The Church says that they believe in the right of free speech, but it’s not reasonable to tell them that they cannot express their opinions because they translate their views on gay marriage from the bible and religious history. The church agrees that there is a need for more empathy within the discussion, but the church does have the privilege to stay with its own moral code, no matter now unpopular that code may be within society. The
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Opponents of equality will argue that permitting gay couples to marry will hurt children since youngsters require a mother and a father in order to flourish and legalizing gay marriage will deny children to live a life of normalcy. Studies in the social sciences is showing evidence that there is no distinction in the psychosocial development of children who are raised by opposite-sex couples. There is also no evidence to support that children are being psychologically hurt by having two fathers or two mothers. The American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association both support the legalization of same-sex unions and its capacity to provide a safe and stable environment for

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