Home And Marriage Life During The Italian Renaissance

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Home and marriage life was among some of the biggest changes that came from the Renaissance in Italy. Weddings in Italy flourished. The poor did not feel they needed to look up to the upper class and their lavish ways. The less fortunate tried to the match the rich in every aspect of the wedding and the social contract between two families (Demetri. 2015). Marriages during this time were exuberant and guest that were a part of the celebration were to be seriously entertained and fed. (Demetri, 2015). A women’s life during the Renaissance was very encouraging. They had a significant role as the housewife and taking care of the children, but they also began to incorporate a huge part of their life to a social aspect. During the Italian Renaissance, …show more content…
Women had a better chance of playing a greater role in society if they came from a family in the upper class or were married into a wealthy family(Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). A prime example of a woman who broke through this barrier was Lucrezia Borgia (Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). She was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Alexander VI used her to gain political power and she became famous through this concept (Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). One of the most intelligent women to come from the Italian Renaissance was Isabella d’Este. She was able to learn Greek and Latin fluently and was able to understand and learn work produced by ancient scholars (Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). She became famous through her public appearances where she would play a musical instrument, sing, or dance (Mazzocco, n.d.). Women also became famous through art. There were many female artists during the Italian Renaissance that became very successful with their art. Some of the female artists that became successful included Fede Galizia, Sofonishba Anguissola, Properzia de ’Rossi, Lavinia Fontana, and many other amazing females. (Masters, 2013). These females are prime examples of how there were many cultural achievements during the Italian …show more content…
This Renaissance led to many of the food concepts that can be found today around the world especially in Italy. Once again, this transformation was found mostly amongst wealthy families (Demetri, 2015). They turned away from the traditions found during the medival times and found themselves indulging in foods like potatoes and peppers. During this time, they introduced another utensil which is the fork (Demetri, 2015). In addition, the wealthy stopped eating on a trencher, but instead ate on plates that were made of wood or sometimes fine porcelain (Demetri, 2015). However, during the Italian Renaissance food did not change for the poor. They ate a lot of the same types of food such as pasta because they did not have as great access to the finer foods (Demetri, 2015). Festivals during the Italian Renaissance changed because it was a time to forget about the Medieval times. The poor and the wealthy both participated together in these events throughout Italy (Demetri, 2015). This animated life allowed for the Italian Renaissance to prosper. Even though many cultural changes happen to the upper class, the Renaissances most significant achievements came from that of art.
The Italian Renaissance most noticeable change came from the art produced. The movement that was produced was said to be intellectual and is described as the upsurge of humanism (Atkinson, 2013). As the Italian Renaissance progressed

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