Hobby Lobby Ethics Case Study

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In my opinion when it comes to if Hobby Lobby not offering their employees contraceptives or Wheaton College choice to end all student health care was, ethical. My reasons behind why I feel this way is because for one, it goes against everything that Hobby Lobby CEO stand for. As for Wheaton College stopping offering health care to their students, I believe that it should be the responsibility of the student to have some type of health care and it should be the institution responsibility to provide that insurance. However, there should be a liability insurance in place just in case a student gets injured while on campus, but other than that the student should have some type of insurance. Hobby Lobby is a Christian based crafts store. It’s …show more content…
I do not need to have my collage pay for my health insurance nor should have be pay my collage for health insurance, I should be paying them for an education. So with that say I believe that Wheaton College was an ethical move to make. I don’t agree with in the manner that they did it just weeks before the students coverage ends. However, it should not be the responsibility of a school to provided insurance to students even under the Affordable Care Act. The government should have looked into this aspect more thoroughly to insure they were not missing anything. Because by adding this, it was putting a hardship on the school and just like the Hobby Lobby case it was going against their religious beliefs.
In conclusion, being ethical is doing what is morally right in your eyes. Choosing not to give birth control to you employees because it doesn’t follow your religion beliefs or choosing not to provide insurances to your students because the government is requesting you to start using ACA and you have to cut funds from elsewhere are ethical choices that those individuals have made. No businesses or collages should have to be told by the government how you run their establishments. To me that is

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