Essay on History of Twix Bar

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Twix candy bar is a butter cookie topped with a thick layer of caramel and the whole bar covered in dairy milk chocolate. The size of the candy fingers is about four inches long and half an inch thick, two of these are packaged together in a single wrapper. The Twix brand is owned by Mars, Inc which is one of the largest confectionery manufacturers globally.
The product was first created by Mars Limited in the UK in 1967 at the company’s factory in Slough which is also where the current Mars Bar was invented by Forrest Mars Sr. in the 1930s. The Slough factory is also the home factory of the popular Starburst, Skittles, Snickers and Topic brands which are also owned by Mars, Inc. In the years after its creation the Twix candy bar was
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Several women’s movements described Twix advertisements as being similar to beer ads in that young men unlucky in the love stakes would be able to attract gorgeous women simply by eating a Twix candy bar. Slogans were used such as “Twix her!” and Let’s Twix it together”
The 1990s proved to be a period of great experimentation for Mars, Inc and the Twix brand in particular with several new varieties were introduced

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