History 137k Final Paper

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The African Diaspora across Europe and Asia The study of the African Diaspora is a relatively focused topic, in general focusing on the Atlantic Slave Trade and those who were enslaved in the Americas. Of particular interest to many recent historians is the fact that black Africans have been experiencing forced settlement outside of Africa for centuries prior to the Atlantic Slave Trade. Slaves have established a presence in many different urban and rural areas of the world including, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and Europe. Ibn Khaldun has been quoted, “history is information about human social organization and that there were two basic forms of human social organization: urban and rural.” Through urban and rural settings, one can …show more content…
Asia experienced in general a large number of enslaved Africans, with a large concentration in urban areas in India. Africans in India were well documented, in particular in the Gujarat records. African warriors were very significant in India from the 13th century AD, while they grew to importance in the 15th and 16th centuries AD. The Africans who made the voyage were those who were of East African descent, descending from those in modern-day Ethiopia and Swahili speaking lands. Those who were taking to India were converted to Islam, changing their names to Islamic names and were usually associated with Islamic princes. This would help quickly facilitate the integration of African slaves into urban Islamic Indian society. The importation of slaves into India was not meant for plantation work but to be servants or warriors for the sultan. In such an environment, black slaves were able to more easily adopt Indian culture, learning the ways of Indian royalty. The isolation of rural plantation work certainly would have restrained Africans in India, limiting their freedom to exercise the means to become assimilated into their adopted culture. By learning the Indian customs, African slaves understood the method to becoming an authoritative Indian figure, while at times outmaneuvering sultans.
In comparison to African slaves in the Americas, the slaves in India faced much less discrimination. Unlike those who were forced onto

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