High School Vs. Lawrence Tech Essay

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It is the start to a young man’s senior year of high school and the thought of where to go to college has been resonating in his head. He knows he wants to be a mechanical engineer for one of the “Big Three”. When you think of good engineering schools, colleges like Michigan Tech, University of Michigan, Kettering University, and Lawrence Tech all come to mind. Not being ready to move away from home, he knows he wants to commute to and from school. So he decides that the best school for him was Lawrence Tech. As a month or two passes he starts hearing the question, “Where are you going to college?” every time he responds with, “Lawrence Tech”.
As the year passes he gathers information about the school and attends a few college tours. From then on, Lawrence Tech was where he was going. With an annual tuition of almost $33,000 a year, there was a big financial burden ahead. January rolls around and he decides to submit his application to LTU. Three days later he receives a letter saying that he had been accepted and allowed a scholarship for $15,000 per year. Although he was very excited, the question remained. Where was he going to get the other $18,000 from every year? His family is not able to front that kind of money and his job won’t cover the full amount either. Due to such high tuition, he was unable to go to the school he had hoping to attend for over a year and attend Oakland Community College instead. This young man is me, and like so many others, due…

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