High School Vs. College Essay

707 Words Oct 17th, 2016 3 Pages
When starting college, many students feel as if they are back in High School again. They go to class, receive a lesson and take notes. Later, they complete homework assignments and tests. Their performance is evaluated using letter grades which, at the end of the term determine whether they pass or fail the course. But that’s where the similarities come to an end. High School and College are very different, it only takes a few weeks for a college freshman to gain first-hand experience and begin to realize it. Due to the differences in classes, personal responsibility, grades, and overall general experience, College is vastly different from High school. When it comes to classes, there are plenty differences worth pointing out. In High School students are forced to take many classes that do not peak their interest, and are limited to selecting only a few electives of their choice. College students take classes based on their major and only take a few general education courses. Class structure is also very different. In High School, students jump from class to class and a typical day lasts about eight hours, from Monday through Friday. A day in college is as long as the student wants it to be. They select classes based on the time and days that conveniently work for them, which is why each college student has a unique schedule. College is where students begin to experience true freedom and independence. Such freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. Attendance plays a…

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