Similarities Between College Classes

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What makes college classes much more different from high school classes? Is it the deadlines, school work, teachers, time managing, or maybe all of the above? Many students figure it out during the beginning of first semester, they’re slowly being drained with class work, exams are coming their way and learning so much new information at once begins to get to them, trust me I can relate right about now. Students begin to realize this isn’t high school anymore, it’s much more serious now.
College classes come with one rule, do not miss deadlines. There is a syllabus given in the beginning of the year, which is the student 's responsibility to keep and follow through with all the assignments. There is no one here to be constantly reminding students
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There are some things that we take with us throughout our college career; interactions and being involved. In college, same as high school, a class is filled with students, it may not be a similar class size, but there are people to get to know and build relationships with. Both type of schools find friends to study with, help each other out and have someone who will share notes, just in case a day is missed. Furthermore, students try to interact with their teachers. In high school it’s always good to have someone to talk to and ask for help, same for college. It’s a great thing to have a professor know who you are in order to help out in anything that is needed, such as a recommendation letters for jobs, internships or organizations. As in high school, there are many organizations such as a national honor society, sports and clubs that can be truly beneficial for students in their careers and within themselves. Being involved helps form connections, build relationships and open many doors for opportunities.
For the most part college is much more different than high school. There are multiple deadlines, adequate time management skills need to be developed and being on time is mandatory. However, some aspects still remain the same such as being interactive with peers as well as adults, and being involved with the community. It’s important for students to know there are different expectations and adjustments that have to be made when transitioning from high school to college

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