High School Sports And Activities Programs Essay

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Work Hard, Play Harder
Participation in sports and activities provides benefits for teens in the future such as athletic scholarships, a better college application, and more career opportunities which stem from those interests. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, teenage girls who participate in sports are more likely to make better grades. One way sports provide academic benefits for teens is through teamwork, which increases their problem solving abilities. Participation in sports also improves work ethic which can be reflected in school work or grades. Sports also increases motivation, self-discipline, and competitiveness in teens, making them more likely to drop out and attend college. However, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations, there is still indifference by the public when it comes to supporting high school sports and activities programs. This is due to some believing that these activities only undermine the educational missions of schools and are a waste of money. However, extra-curricular activities are an extension of school educational programs, teaching students skills they are not able to learn inside of a classroom. This in turn, leads to success later in life. Whether it is having a higher grade point average, test scores, or merely having better attendance, it has been shown that participation in sports and interscholastic activities improves academic performance and achievement, especially in high school and even…

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