High School Quarterback Is A Real Hero Essay

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High school quarterback goes down in the third quarter, torn ACL. Elderly woman falls down in her home, broken hip. Second grader tumbles from the jungle gym, fractured arm. United State soldier encounters an IED, below knee amputation. All of these situations require a hero. No, not Superman or Spiderman but a real live hero.
September 20, 1997. A little girl with sandy blonde hair and delicate green eyes makes her arrival in to the world. She is born to John and Lori, post high school sweethearts, who already parent a spunky toddler girl. In just 18 short years, she will be forced to decide what will bring her success and happiness for the entirety of her life. Unreasonable. Like everyone else, she eventually will make it to that point, but the years before adulthood may bring an infinite about of struggles. Even with the support of her loving family and friends, it will not be easy.
From birth to age five, life seems simple. She can decide to dance as a fairy princess in the morning, fight bad guys as a police officer after lunch, and take care of her baby dolls as a mommy before bed. However, even at such a young age, many factors still influence this innocent child. An older sister begins school and returns with stories of all the new wonders of the world. Even at a young age the little girl seems particularly jealous of her older sister. Everyone tells her the baby of the family is supposed to be the spoiled one, yet she always falls short to…

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