High School Must Attend College Essay

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Nowadays, in the United States, it is assumed that everyone who graduates high school must attend college because is thought to be the only way to achieve liberation, ambition, and workforce attractiveness. Hence, speaking of anything different then this is an instant criticism among your peers or even your parents. For example: when I graduated high school, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but my mom and my sister said I had to go to college. I didn’t want to protest against them so I had them help me complete my college application so that I could attend college. I took a couple of classes and realized college wasn’t for me. I am sure there are many young adults who felt that the same way I did and found out college wasn’t for them and are flourishing in today’s workforce. Hence, higher education isn’t for everyone because there are plenty good paying jobs available that don’t require a college degree, time and money spent on earning a college degree can be used to gain experience on the job, and the end result is everyone is not college material.
Generally speaking, some people aren’t fortunate enough to be instinctive to know exactly what they want to become in life. When you were six years old, you probably wanted to be a doctor, nurse, teacher or firefighter, but as you got older you lost focus on what you wanted to become and began this journey of finding yourself. Contingent on your approach, the journey could either make or break you. But people should…

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