Essay High School And The Education System

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Classes in the Katy Independent School District are very similar to any other school district in Texas with only a few changes. The major differences are the expectations for students and the opportunities afford to the students. Katy ISD has done a very good job at giving the students a say in their education paths. This may happen in other school districts, but I don 't think it happens at the level of Katy ISD. They, I believe, have revolutionized the way students think about school and the education system.
Traditionally, a school was regimented for anyone who attends, almost since it was invented. As stated in John Gatto 's Against School, "just forced schooling: six classes a day, five days a week, nine months a year, for twelve years. Is this deadly routine really necessary?" When we think about this, what would we do if we had some freedom in how this "deadly routine" is done? Would that lack of restriction benefit or hinder us? Would it make us feel as though we are entitled to choose every time? In Gatto 's text, he explains that the belief that school and success go hand in hand is not necessarily true. He continues to say that there are many examples of people not graduating in histories such as Carnegie, Rockefeller, Edison, Twain, and Conrad. These famous "uneducated" success stories created their own paths and learned differently than others. Maybe we should have looked at the examples history has provided us, then there would have already been a change in…

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