High School and Phenomenon Basketball Player Essay

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Life Is Too Short

As the years go by, the numbers of murders and kidnappings of the younger generation have increase tremendously. People became more cruel and cold-hearted towards one another. The life’s of the young people are being cut short before they can even reach a turning point in life for the better due to the act of violence. For instance, I watched a documentary called Benji. The film is about a teenage boy named Ben Wilson, who is a phenomenon basketball player but his life was cut short due to careless act of violence. Ben Wilson was a nationally ranked number one for basketball. He had a relentless drive to be the best or be better than the next. As his neighbor, Common says, “Ben was chosen”. Even though
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There was a wave of grief and sadness that struck the city. Benji’s death was known as a “Dream Unfulfilled”. Benji’s case is a prime example of how one’s life can be cut short at any giving time due to someone else’s senseless acts. Young people, a mother’s son/daughter, the babies in the world, and the future are put down more and more as the years go on. How can people expect the younger generation to make their dreams happen if they can’t even walk down the street without bullets flying, being snatched up by random people, or getting beat/shot to bloody pulp because they look suspect. Another prime example would be the Trayvon Martin case. Trayvon Martin was just an average teenager like Benji was but in his case e was shot and killed by George Zimmerman b because he looked suspect but when all he had was skittles and a drink. The only difference here is that Benji got justice and Trayvon didn’t. These two young men weren’t able to see where they were headed in life due to the senseless act of violence. In this I conclude, the lives of the younger generation are at high risk and that’s a huge problem. People are killing the future of this world and it’s quite disgusting. The lives of the innocent are being cut short before they can even dream of dreaming. A voice that could make a difference in the world whether big or small will never be heard due to the cruel, cold-hearted, senseless violence that people will

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