Healthy And Dangerous Weight Loss Methods Essay

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Healthy vs. Dangerous Weight Loss Methods Millions of individuals struggle with their weight and continue to search for swift solutions. Weight loss programs are a major money maker in America, and yet, a bulk of the population still battle with obesity. Sadly, weight loss is difficult to achieve and countless people would rather not put in the hard work and dedication it requires. Many individuals also desire easy and effective ways to drop the extra pounds whether their techniques are safe or not. Healthy and dangerous weight loss methods include taking drugs and supplements, exercising, and the types of food and drink consumed. Taking supplements and drugs as a method for dieting can improve individuals overall health when used smartly, …show more content…
Smart food choices, counting calories, and decreasing the size of meals can go a long way in shedding fat. Eating more fruits and vegetables with meals will lessen the intake of calories, therefore lessening the possible weight gain. Switching to skim milk and changing to wholegrain or wheat bread is better for people’s health and will cut down even more calories. Drinking water is extremely beneficial for the human body and will considerably help people using this method. Consuming healthy food and beverages will help people lose weight, but there are also food and beverages people shouldn’t consume if they want to lose weight. Most greasy, fatty, or sugary foods need to be avoided to remain healthy. Soda and alcohol are both high in calories and sugar and can lead to the decline in people’s health and cause obesity. Purging, skipping meals, and starvation are very dangerous weight loss choices. Purging, a very unhealthy and dangerous method to losing weight can lead to eating disorders and even anorexia. Skipping meals is even worse than eating more seeing as it just makes people hungrier and want to eat more during the next meal. Additionally, people need the protein and nutrients they get when consuming food and beverages, and they won’t get these when they choose to purge or starve themselves which is very dangerous and can cause death. Healthy consumption choices can lead the way to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight, but dangerous decisions can lead to the decline in an individual’s health and even cause

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