The Obesity Myth By Paul Campos

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Obesity Myth Paul Campos is a lawyer that has gotten sick of the media and the government protesting against people overweight or being obese. They have stated that people that are overweight or obese has a higher chance of getting a disease (stroke, heart attack etc.) and stating that they have a higher chance of dying at a younger age than skinner people. Campos wrote a book called “The Obesity Myth: Why American’s Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to your Health”. In his book, he provides very well structured evidence of why people that are overweight are not unhealthy and will not die sooner than skinnier. The major point he made throughout the book was that overweight people were not necessarily unhealthy. He provided evidence of this by reviewing a study that had two groups (A and B) and showed that the people who were getting a heart attack smoked more than the skinnier participants. Since they noticed that, the study went ahead and subtracted the participants increased on smoking and just left it as they are getting heart attacks because of their BMIs’ were over 25. While another point Campos made was “…fat active people will be as healthy as thin active ones, and much healthier than thin sedentary individuals.” This is true because if you are physically active then you would be getting the right kind of energy in your life. The majority of people can go and work out and eat mostly healthy food, but will not lose weight. …show more content…
It put the missing pieces into research that has been done to increase the fear of being overweight. He demonstrated how people can be overweight and still be healthier than someone overweight and provided clear examples of it in statistics and research. Many people are too afraid of being overweight but this book will open their minds instead of being brainwashed by misleading research. “Yet still, certain things that needed to be said were, in the end,said.” (page

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