The Causes And Effects Of Obesity In America

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The term “obesity” has become deeply rooted into America’s present-day image and lifestyle as food holds less nutritional value and our daily activities become less physically demanding. It’s relatively unclear as to why the rate of weight gain is increasing so rapidly the past few decades, but prevention is possible and many organizations are fighting to slow down this ongoing crisis and raise awareness. Obesity is a dangerous and rapidly increasing epidemic in America that is mainly attributed to the growing unhealthy lifestyle of the average American, which could be easily prevented if the population was better educated about healthy foods and exercise.
Dieting and exercise are the two biggest factors in a person’s weight. Harvard Men’s
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The effects of obesity in adults, according to another article in Harvard Men’s Health Watch titled “Obesity in America: What’s Driving the Epidemic?”, can include diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression, kidney stones, and fatty liver disease, just to name a few (5). These problems are scary, but they are a grim reality for a majority of Americans. So what is the cause for our nation’s health crisis? The same article states that the average American man is burning 142 calories less each day than compared to in the 1960s possibly because the demand for physical labor has decreased by 20% as office jobs and using technology for nearly everything is becoming the standard for work (5). Another large reason is television. Harvard Men’s Health Watch also explains a seven-year study that observed the lifestyle of a group of people and found that those who spent more time watching television per day did not consume any more calories, but they did ate fewer fruits and vegetables, had larger waistlines, and had higher blood pressure and sugar (qtd. in “What’s Driving the Epidemic?” 6).This is linked to a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, thus contributing to a higher weight and obesity. This means that people have increasingly more leisure time but don’t use it …show more content…
These foods are often easy to eat or make, cheaper to buy, and can fill up quicker, though people should be aware that such foods more than likely have no nutritional value and contain high caloric and fat content. Not only are Americans eating more, but they’re eating worse. According to researchers and authors of “Understanding the Paradox and the Need: Taking on Hunger and Obesity in America” Debra Kozikowski and Miryam Williamson, the increasing percentage of impoverished families goes together with poor nutrition, quickly leading to obesity in children and adults (38). Kozikowski and Williamson explain in their article that food banks are under-funded and struggle to provide fresh, healthy options for families in need, causing many families in poverty to be forced to turn to foods high in calories and low in nutrients (39). These foods may fill them up faster, but the consequences can be life threatening. Our government, both federal and local, should make it a priority to make sure people of all incomes have a source of nutritional food. What we do today will affect tomorrow and it’s important that the higher authorities try their hardest to protect their people and our futures before our generation along with future ones fall victim to the threat of

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