Health Care Organizations Focus On Quality Improvement Essay

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The health care organizations focus on quality improvements and meeting the patient’s expectations. Defining quality improvement with the nurses, providers, patients, and regulatory agencies, and observing the concepts of Quality Improvement along with the viewpoints of the patients, shareholders, and the clinician. Use helpful tools and resources to set up plans and strategies that affect the quality improvement of the organization, and provide a better services for patients.
The primary purpose of quality management is to beat the competition because the health of the clients or patient depends on the quality of services provided. It does this by improving the services, products, and enhance safety to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and better performance. Quality management makes all employees responsible for patient satisfaction. Internally, it creates a sense of communication and effectiveness. Every care service we provide should be based on quality, by defining issues in the organization, find solutions to improve patients’ satisfaction and increase the quality. Healthcare organizations need the quality management to track effectiveness and performance through different measurement tools to collect information about the patient satisfaction and evaluate the outcomes by comparing collected information to the performance expectation.
The shareholders define quality in many different ways because everyone’s perception of quality and the different positions held by…

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