Health Care Human Resources Essay

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Human Resource Role

The importance of a Human Resource department to some is not so important to others. An organization finding itself in a position of continued scrutiny around employee rights and benefits may seek out the assistance of a human resource (HR) professional. On the other hand, an organization employing only a small number of employees may find the use of an HR professional insignificant. The benefit of an HR professional within an organization outweighs the costs. Specifically the HR role is used for the maintenance and organization of processes, procedures, and protection of either or both the employee and the organization. Health care organizations use HR professionals in many of the same ways non health
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The specific skill-set that is needed in most HCO limits many times the number of candidates applying for the open positions. However, the HR department must continue to reach out to new and non-traditional sources to find qualified candidates. Sometimes the HR professional will need to use tactics that will assist the organization maintain profitability these tactics as described by Siddiqui, J., and Kleiner, B.H., are either attrition or employee retraining. In an ideal environment no employee needs to be forced out, however, there are times when the hiring process failed and put in place an individual that could not perform the job duties as needed. Employee training is always a good way to improve both productivity and morale when done professionally and efficiently. As with many other organization models the HR function maintains the integrity of the company and its employees by continually monitoring the laws as they change or evolve. Within the health care hiring process and employment term an employee may need additional education, due to the special licensing needed to work in health care. The HR professional is responsible for assisting individuals maintain compliance, in addition to improving care standards. Nurses in particular are dependent upon continuing education units (CEU) to maintain their license to work in any state in the U.S.. One organization too this

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