Health Care Human Resource Management Essay

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Health Care Human Resources Management

It used to be that human resource was only thought of as the department who hires employees and safe keeps the clerical part of the organization. Human Resource is much more involved in the entire structure of the organization then just the clerical part of it. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The HRM department is responsible for three major areas including staffing, employee compensation and benefits and defining and designing work. HRM works for the benefit of the organization through managing its greatest business asset which is the employees. The task of managing employees of an
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This type of massive executive leadership turnover puts the whole organization at risk with respect to its momentum, initiative, strategic planning, staff engagement, and the overall performance of the organization. HRM is then tasked with the burden of searching for another CEO in addition to working to retain the rest of the executive team.
Workforce Engagement has become a huge focus of Human Resource management today. Most participants in a B. E. Smith survey describe themselves as being disengaged. The task of engaging any employee is challenge but it is especially challenging with the millennial employee. These new workers are not the same type of workers as your parents were. These new workers are not “company people” and expect to have several different jobs in their lifetime. They are the youngest and largest generation in the workforce today. They are expected to become the most influential consumer group by 2018. Millennials have very different attitudes unlike what traditional Human Resource Management is used to. They value their personal time and prefer a company with a work/life balance program. Therefore human resource management needs to be able to offer greater scheduling flexibility. Most millennial are socially responsible and prefer companies who share their values. Further, their preferred use of social media can make recruiting challenging for human resource management. “Three ways HRM can engage

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